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Gisaru no Yasui Carrot Gyshal 50 Summon the fat chocobo when it smells like chocobos Gisaru no Fue Whistle Whistle 20000 Summon the Fat Chocobo anytime Kobito no Ban *Dummy* EagleEye 100 View a larger portion of the world map. Hijoo Guchi *Dummy* Exit N/A Escape from dungeon or battle. Koteeji Cabin Cabin 500 Restore party HP & MP to MAX on map and save points. Tento Tent Tent 100 Restore party's HP & MP on map and save points. Sooma no Shizuka *Dummy* SomaDrop N/A Adds 10 MP to a character's current max. Gin no Ringo *Dummy* Ag Apple N/A Adds 50 HP to a character's current max. Kin no Ringo *Dummy* Au Apple N/A Adds 100 HP to a character's current max. Araamu *Dummy* Alert N/A Alert a local monster to the party's presence...a fight ensues. Bannouyaku Heal Remedy 5000 Recovers all status ailments except 'Wounded' Juujika *Dummy* Cross 100 Recover from 'Curse' status. Doku Keshi *Dummy* Antidote 40 Recover from 'Poison' status. Megusuri *Dummy* Eyedrops 30 Recover from 'Darkness' status. Yama Bikosoo *Dummy* EchoNote 50 Recover from 'Silence' status. Daietto Fuudo *Dummy* DietFood 100 Recover from 'Piggy' status. Uchide no Kozuchi *Dummy* Mallet 80 Recover from 'Mini' status. Otome no Kissu *Dummy* MaidKiss 60 Recover from 'Frog' status. Kin no Hari *Dummy* Soft 400 Recover from 'Stone' status. Fenikkusu no O Life Life 100 Recover from 'Wounded' status. Erikusaa Elixir Elixir 100000 Restore ALL HP and MP. Eeteru Dorai Ether2 Ether2 50000 Restores MP (High). Eeteru Ether Ether1 10000 Restores MP (Low). Ekusu Pooshan Cure3 X-Potion N/A Restores HP (High). Hai Pooshan Cure2 HiPotion 150 Restores HP (Med). Pooshan Cure Potion 30 Restores HP (Low). Yunikoon no Tsuno *Dummy* Unihorn N/A Heal battle conditions on all allies that would disappear after battle (like confuse, etc...) Mezamashi- dokei *Dummy* Alarm N/A Wake up all sleeping allies (Battle). Kaijuu Za Kan *Dummy* Bestiary N/A Look up and find weaknesses of the enemy you are fighting in this book. Oogi no Sho *Dummy* Grimoire N/A Book of Summons that Summons a random monster. Kuaaru no Hige *Dummy* Coffin N/A Death comes to an enemy. (=Death) Daichi no Doramu *Dummy* GaiaDrum N/A Causes an earthquake in battle. (=Quake) Seijaku no Kane *Dummy* MuteBell N/A Silences all targets. Tsuki no Kaatan *Dummy* MoonVeil N/A Reflects magic spells. Lasts longer than StarVeil or the Wall spell. Bomu no Tamashii *Dummy* Kamikaze N/A Sacrifice life & current HP to attack enemy by that amount. Hikari no Kaatan *Dummy* StarVeil N/A Reflects magic spells, lasts longer than the Wall spell. Aoi Kiba Lit-Bolt LitStorm N/A Strong thunder attack to all targets. Shiroi Kiba *Dummy* Blizzard N/A Strong ice attack to all targets. Akai Kiba FireBomb Inferno N/A Strong fire attack to all targets. Sukeepu Dooru *Dummy* Illusion N/A User is seen as multiple targets. (Casts Blink 1 Ally) Kumo no Ito *Dummy* Silk Web N/A Slows down all targets. (Casts Slow All Enemy) Kin no Sunadokei *Dummy* HrGlass3 N/A Stops time for all targets for a long time. Gin no Sunadokei *Dummy* HrGlass2 N/A Stops time for all targets Doo no Sunadokei *Dummy* HrGlass1 N/A Stops time for all targets for a short while. Erumesu no Kutsu *Dummy* Hermes N/A Wear the shoes of Hermes. User becomes more agile. (=Haste) Bakkasu no Sake *Dummy* Bacchus N/A The Drinker of Bacchus' Wine goes berserk. (=Bersk) Banpaia no Kiba *Dummy* Vampire N/A Drain enemy HP. (=Drain) Ririsu no Kuchidzuke *Dummy* Succubus N/A Drain enemy MP. Hoshi no Suna *Dummy* Stardust N/A Little Meteo attack. (=Comet) Kamigami no Ikari *Dummy* ZeusRage N/A Strong thunder attack to all targets Zeusu no Ikari *Dummy* ThorRage N/A Tunder attack to all targets. Hokkyoku no Kami *Dummy* Boreas N/A Strong ice attack to all targets. Nankyoku no Kami *Dummy* Notus N/A Ice attack to all targets. Bomu no Migiude *Dummy* Big Bomb N/A Strong Fire attack to all targets. Bomu no Kakera *Dummy* Bomb N/A Fire attack to one target Ragunaroku Crystal Ragnarok 200 The most powerful weapon in the world. This is the ultimate light sword. GO CECIL! Ekusukaribaa Excalbur Excalbur 160 Holy sword Forged of adamantium from the Sword of Legend by the renown blacksmith Kokkol. Hikari no Tsurugi Light Light 99 A sword of Light, has sacred power. Densetsu no Tsurugi Legend Legend 40 Recieved on Mt. Ordeals it has the holy paladin legend inscribed on it. Desuburingaa Black Death 30 The most powerful Dark Sword...Deathbringer, A gift from King Fabul. Shadow Elem. Sword, causes instant K.O. to some enemies. Shadoo Buredo Darkness Dark 20 Shadow Elemental Ankoku no Tsurugi Shadow Shadow 10 Shadow Elemental Difendaa Defender Defense 105 Improves defense rating when equipped. Casts armor when used as an item. Avenjaa Avenger Avenger 80 2 Handed broadsword, user becomes berserk. Bureiku Buredo Medusa Gorgon 77 Randomly won from Meusa or BlackLiz. Randomly causes gradual petrify on hit. Aisu Burando IceBrand IceBrand 75 Sword containing an Ice Spirit in a crystal on this sword's hilt. Effective against fire creatures. Fureimu Soodo Flame Flame 65 Sword containing a Fire Spirit in a crystal on this sword's hilt. Effective against ice creatures and the undead. Nemuri no Ken Slumber Sleep 55 Sword with a sleep spell cast upon it. Randomly causes a target to fall asleep on hit. Use as an item to cast a sleep spell. Misuriru Soodo Silver Mithril 50 Sword made of mystic metal, Effective against Spirits and the Undead. Buraddo Soodo Drain BloodSwd 45 Sword enameled with blood. Drains enemy HP on hit. Kodai no Tsurugi Ancient Ancient 35 Hit to curse enemy, effective against spirits. Masamune Masamune Masamune 55 A legendary Katana. Casts Haste when used as an Item. Murasame Murasame Murasame 55 A legendary Katana. Casts Armor when used as an item. Kikuichi Ninja Kikuichi 48 A forged steel katana. The weapon of the Eblanian Royalty. Kotetsu Long Kotetsu 40 A standard long katana used by ninja and samurai. Ashura Middle Asura 32 A shorter version of the Kotetsu. Used by commoners. Kunai Short Kunai 25 A small knife-like katana Horii Ransu White HolyLnce 109 Sacred Lance, Casts Holy when used as an Item. Hiryuu no Yari Dragon Dragon 99 Spear designed to slay dragons. Gunguniru Gungnir Gungnir 92 A Legendary Dragon Knights Spear. Buraddo Ransu Drain BloodSpr 88 This spear drains the enemies HP. Koori no Yari Blizzard IceSpear 77 This spear is topped with a crystal housing an Ice Spirit. Effective against fire. Casts Ice2 when used as an item. Hono O no Yari Flame FireSpr 66 This spear is topped with a crystal housing a Fire Spirit. Effective against Ice and Undead. Casts Fire2 when used as an Item. Windo Supia Wind WindSpr 55 Spear forged with the power of the wind crystal in Fabul. Supia Spear Spear 9 A standard 60" steel tipped spear. Runn Akusu Rune Axe Rune Axe 100 2 Handed, Effective against Mages. Poizun Akusu Poison VenomAxe 95 2 Handed, Hit to Poison, Effective against Giants, Casts Venom when used as an Item. Ooga Kiraa Ogre Ogre 80 2 Handed, Effective against Giants Dowaafu no Ono Dwarf Dwarf 62 Dwarf's Soldier's Battle Axe, requires both hands. Hando Akusu HandAxe ?????* ?? 2 Handed it in Final Fantasy Chronicles??? Meiji Masshaa Mute MageMash 35 Effective weapon against mages, hit to cause silence status. Danshingu Dakaa Dancing Dancing 28 Use as an item to hurl the dagger at an enemy. Misuriru Haifu Silver Mithril 20 An effective dagger against spirits. Asashin Dakaa Dagger ?????* ?? This is the ManEater Dagger...Is it in Final Fantasy Chronicles??? Arutemesu no Yumi Artemis Artemis 80 Bow of the hunter goddess, Artemis. Yoichi no Yumi Samurai Yoichi 60 Legendary Samurai's Bow Erufin Bou ElvinBow ElvenBow 50 An Elf's Longbow, effective against mages. Kiraa Bou Archer Archer 40 A Warrior's bow. Gureto Bou GreatBow GreatBow 30 A large long bow made of yew. Kurosu Bou CrossBow CrossBow 20 A trigger action bow. Yumi Bow Bow 10 A traditional bow. Arutemisu no Ya Artemis Artemis 75 Effective arrows for fighting dragons. Yoichi no Ya Samurai Yoichi 50 Samurai's Arrows Tenshi no Ya Charm Angel 40 Causes Confuse with hit, effective against Giants. Kuchi Fuuju no Ya Mute Mute 35 Causes Sience with hit, effective agianst mages. Doku Ya Poison Poison 30 Poison tipped arrows, hit to cause poison. Kurayame no Ya Darkness Darkness 20 Arrows cause blindness. Ikuzuchi no Ya Lit Bolt 15 Arrows Have Lit properties, effective against water and machines. Koori no Ya Ice ?????* 15 Arrows have Ice properties, effective against fire...Are they in FF Chronicles??? Hoono no Ya Fire Fire 15 Arrows have fire properties. Effective against ice and undead. Seinaru no Ya White Holy 10 Arrows imbued with sacred power. Effective against spirits and undead. Tetsu no Ya Iron Brass 3 Standard Arrows Meduusa no Ya Medusa Medusa 1 Arrows hit to cause gradual petrify Runn no Tsue Silence Silence 52 Staff encrusted with Runes. Hit to cause Silence, effective against mages, use as item to cast silence. Kenja no Tsue Life Sage 48 High Sage's staff. Use as item to cast Life1 Hadoo no Tsue Lunar Lunar 36 Staff with mysterious power. Use as item to cast dispel. Chikara no Tsue Power Power 30 Staff of Power, use as item to cast Bersk. Misuriru no Tsue Silver Mythril 12 Staff is highly effective against spirits. When used on an ally as an item will cure Paralyze, Sleep, Confuse, and Berserk. Iyashi no Tsue Cure Cure 8 When this staff is used as an item it will cast Cure1 on the entire party. Tsue Staff Staff 4 Standard staff carried by Sages and White Mages. Hoshikuzu no Roddo Stardust Stardust 45 Rod made from a strange material. The crystal on the top casts Comet (Buchi Meteo) when used as an item Yoosei no Roddo Charm FairyRod 30 Hit to confuse the enemy, casts Charm when used as an item. Henge no Roddo Change Change 15 Hit to change target into a pig, casts piggy when used as an item. Ririsu no Roddo Lilith Lilith 13 Hit to drain enemy MP. Casts psych when used as an item. Sendaa Roddo Thunder Thunder 10 Rod with a thunder spirit housed in a crystal. Casts Bolt1 when used as an item. Fureimu Roddo FlameRod FlameRod 7 Rod with a fire spirit housed in a crystal. Casts Fire1 when used as an item. Aisu Roddo IceRod IceRod 5 Rod with an ice spirit housed in a crystal. Casts Ice1 when used as an item. Roddo Rod Rod 3 Standarad Sage's and Black Mage's rod. Fires bolts of energy when used as an item. Ramea no Tategoto Charm Lamia 18 Hit to confuse enemy. Yume no Tategoto Dreamer Dreamer 8 Hit to put enemy to sleep. Neko no Tsume CatClaw CatClaw 0 Hit to put target to sleep Jikoku no Tsume Poison HellClaw 0 Hit to poison target Yoosei no Tsume Charm Fairy 0 Hit to confuse target, effective against giants. Ikazuchi no Tsume Thunder BoltClaw 0 Hit with the power of lightning, effective against water and machines. Koori no Tsume IceClaw IceClaw 0 Hit with the brisk power of ice. Effective against fire. Honoo no Tsume FireClaw FireClaw 0 Hit with the burning heat of fire. Effective against ice and the undead. Daichi no Hanmaa Earth Gaia 65 Hammer of the Earth, casts gaia causing an earthquake when used as an item. Effective against machines. Misuriru no Hanmaa Silver Mithril 55 Mallet effective against machines and spirits. Kizuchi Wooden Wooden 45 Mallet effective against machines Ryuu no Hige Dragon Serpent 55 Whip made from dragon's hide. Causes Paralyze on hit and is effective against dragons. Faia Byuuto Flame FireLash 50 A whip with the power of a fire spell. Hit to paralyze, effective against ice and the undead. Denge Kimuchi Blitz Blitz 40 A whip with the power of a bolt spell. Hit to paralyze effective against water and machines. Chen Wippu Chain Chain 30 A whip made of linked metal chain. Hit to paralyze. Muchi Whip Whip 20 A standard leather whip. Hit to paralyze. Engetsurin FullMoon FullMoon 40 Toss and Return aerial weapon. Equip on Edge. Buumeran Boomrang Boomrang 20 Toss and Return aerial weapon. Equip on Edge. HooChoo Spoon Knife 255 Use with 'Throw' command. This meat cleaver is VERY sharp. Fuuma Shuriken Ninja Fuma 80 Use with 'Throw' Command. Effective shuriken crafted by Kokkol the smithy. Shuriken Shuriken Shuriken 40 Use with 'Throw' command. This is a basic ninja's throwing weapon in the shape of a star. Kurisutaru no Tate Crystal Crystal 7 4 Shield forged of the same material that the holy crystals were made from. Doragon Shiirudo Dragoon Dragon 6 3 Reduces damage from Bolt, Fire, & Ice elementals by 50% Genji no Tate Samurai Genji 5 3 A legendary samurai's shield. Iijisu no Tate Aegis Aegis 4 3 The legendary shield of Athena. Protects against petrify. Diaya Shiirudo Diamond Diamond 4 2 Reduces bolt damage by 50% Aisu Shiirudo Ice IceShld 3 2 Reduces fire damage by 50% Fureimu Shiirudo Fire Flame 3 2 Reduces ice damage by 50% Misuriru Shiirudo Silver Mithril 3 2 Shield made from mystic metal. Hikari no Tate Paladin Paladin 2 1 A Holy Knight's shield. Demonzu Shiirudo Black Demon 2 0 Shield once owned by a powerful Shadow Knight. Ankoku no Tate Shadow Shadow 1 0 A Dark Knight's shield. Aian Shiirudo Iron Iron 1 0 A knight's buckler. Garasu no Masuku Glass Glass 30 0 Crown made of quartz glass. Prevents ALL status effects Ribon Ribbon Ribbon 9 12 Hair Ribbon with holy power, prevents ALL status effects. Kin no Kamekazari Tiara Tiara 7 10 This beautiful golden tiara raises magic defense to protect your heroines. Shisai no Booshi Wizard Wizard 5 7 A wizard's cap. Raises Mag.Def. Kuro Zukin Ninja Ninja 5 1 Ninja's Hood, protects against sleep spells. Jankaku Booshi Gaea Magus 3 5 Standard headgear for mages. Guriin Beree Bandanna Bandanna 3 1 Fabul Fighter's Bandanna, raises attack power a little. Hanetsuki Booshi Leather Feather 2 3 This pimpin' headpiece comes equipped with a magic absorbing feather. Najiri Hasamaki Headband Headband 1 1 This cloth headband has the power to prevent confusion. Kawa no Booshi Cap Leather 1 1 An adventurer's cap made of tough animal hide. Helmets: Kurisutaru Herumu Crystal Crystal 12 8 Helm made from the same material as the holy crystals. Reduces bolt, fire, & ice damage by 50%. Doragon Herumu Dragoon Dragon 11 7 This helm reduces bolt, fire, & ice damage by 50% Genji no Kabuto Samurai Genji 10 6 A legendary samurai's helmet. Diaya no Kabuto Diamond Diamond 9 2 A helm encrusted with diamonds. Reduces bolt damage by 50% Misuriru no Kabuto Silver Mithril 8 2 Helm made of mystic metal. Hikari no Kabuto Paladin Paladin 7 2 A Holy Knight's Helmet. Demonzu Herumu Black Demon 6 1 Helmet once worn by a powerful shadow knight. Hadesu no Kabuto Darkness Hades 5 1 Helmet of dark power. Ankoku no Kabuto Shadow Shadow 4 0 A Dark Knight's Helmet. Aian Herumu Iron Iron 3 0 Standard knights helm. Clothing Kuro Shouzoku Ninja Ninja 24 13 Highly protective ninja's robe. Shiro no Roobu White White 18 10 Holy Mage's Robe, raises Mag.Def. & protects against darkness status. Sakaradasuki Power PwrVest 15 0 Vest with a spell of power protecting the wearer. Hikari no Roobu Sorcerer Sorcerer 12 9 High Sage's robe. Reduces bolt damage by 50%. Kuro Obi Dougi Bl.Belt BlkBelt 10 3 High Monk's Kimono, symbol of high level skills. Kuro no Roobu Black Black 8 7 Black Mage's Robe. Saishi no Roobu Wizard Wizard 5 5 Wizard's Cloak, provides adequate protection against weapon and spell. Daichi no Koromo Gaea GaiaGear 3 3 Clothing sewn from cloth enchanted by the earth crystal. Protect from Petrify. Kenpougi Karate Kenpo 3 2 Monk's Robe. Shiji(n) no Fuku Bard Bard 2 1 Robe of a traveling storyteller. Protects against silence. Kawa no Fuku Leather Leather 2 1 Clothes made from tough animal skins. Shouji no Fuku Prisoner Prisoner 1 1 Prisoner's Clothing. Ironically protects against magic better than normal peasant's clothes Fuku Cloth Clothes 1 0 Typical cotton clothing worn by peasants and commoners. Armour: Adaman Aamaa Adamant Adamant 100 20 Armour forged from the legendary adamantium metal, thought to be impervious. Improves all stats by +15. Kurisutaru Meiru Crystal Crystal 25 10 Armor fashioned from the same material as the holy crystals. Protects against: darkness, mini, paralyze, poison, and toad. Doragon Meiru Dragoon Dragon 23 8 This mail reduces fire, ice, and bolt damage by 50%. Genji no Yori Samurai Genji 21 7 Armor worn by a legendary samurai. Minuriba Besuche Heroine Minerva 20 5 Armor made for a goddess, protects against paralyze. Diaya Aamaa Diamond Diamond 19 4 Armor encrusted with diamonds. Reduces bolt damage by 50%. Aisu Aamaa Ice IceArmor 17 4 This armor reduces fire damage by 50%. Fureimu Aamaa Fire Flame 13 4 This armor reduces ice damage by 50%. Misuriru Aamaa Silver Mithril 13 4 Armor made of mystic metal. Naito no Yoroi Paladin Paladin 11 3 A Holy Knight's Armor. Demonzu Aamaa Black Demon 9 3 The armor of a powerful Shadow Knight. Hadesu no Yoroi Darkness Hades 7 2 Armor of dark power. Ankoku no Yoroi Shadow Shadow 5 1 A Dark Knight's Armor. Aian Aamaa Iron Iron 4 1 A standard knight's armor. Rings: Kurisutaru Ringu Crystal CrysRing 20 12 Ring with a piece of holy crystal mounted on it. Protects against confuse, paralyze, & sleep. Mamori no Yubiwa Protect Protect 10 12 Ring enchanted by a protection spirit. Reduces fire, ice, & bolt damage by 50%. Diaya no Udewa Diamond GoldRing 6 8 Golden Ring with a diamond mount. Reduces bolt damage by 50%. Gin no Udeawa Silver Silver 4 4 A silver ring. Ruun no Udeawa Rune Rune 3 8 A ring inscribed with mystic runes. Raises magic defense. Powaa Risuto Strength Strength 2 2 This wristband increases attack power a little. Tetsu no Udewa Iron IronRing 2 2 A simple iron armlet, protects the wrist and hands. Rubii no Yubiwa RubyRing RubyRing 0 3 This ring has a ruby mounted on it which helps deflect magic. Also protects against the Piggy spell Noroi no Yubiwa Cursed Cursed 0 0 This ring was cursed by an ancient wizard. The curse aversely affects your status, but the ring absorbs bolt, fire, & ice attacks, making you impervious to them. Gauntlets: Kurisutaru no Ko Te Crystal Crystal 10 7 Gauntlets made from the same material as the holy crystals. Kyojin no Ko Te Zeus Zeus 10 0 Gauntlets made of a strong, titanium-like metal. Protects against mini status. Doragon no Ko Te Dragoon Dragon 9 7 Gauntlets that reduce fire, ice, & bolt damage by 50%. Genji no Ko Te Samurai Genji 8 3 Gauntlets of a legendary samurai. Daiya no Ko Te Diamond Diamond 7 3 Gauntlets encrusted with diamonds, reduce bolt damage by 50%. Misuriru no Ko Te Silver Mithril 6 2 Gauntlets made of mystic metal. Gantoretto Paladin Paladin 5 1 A Holy Knight's Gauntlets. Akuma no Ko Te Black Demon 4 0 Gauntlets worn by a powerful shadow knight. Hadesu no Ko Te Darkness Hades 3 0 Gauntlets of dark power. Ankoku no Ko Te Shadow Shadow 2 0 A Dark Knight's gauntlets. Tetsu no Ko Te Iron Iron 2 0 Standard knight's gauntlets. Trash Can Trash Cam Trash Can Use to discard unwanted item inventory. -Sort- -Sort- -Sort- Use to sort item inventory. Shinario 0016 *Dummy* ??? Non-Player useable item. Shinario 0015 *Dummy* ??? Non-Player useable item. Daaku Mataa *Dummy* DkMatter Steal it from Zeromus, having it in inventory reduces the damage rate of his "Big Bang" attack. Kurisutaru Crystal Crystal Holy Crystal of Light, Cecil receives it from Golbez. Among other things it can reveal the true light in a person's heart. Pinku no Shihho Pink PinkTail Tail of a Pink Puff, rare collectors item. Ai no Furai Pan Pan Pan Yang's wife's frying pan of love. Rugeie no Kagi Tower TowerKey Unlocks doors in the tower of Bab-il. Adamanta Ito Adamant Adamant A rare and legendary ore. Rumored to be impervious to weapons and magic. Nusumu no Shihho Rat Rat Tail Tail of a rat, rare collectors item. Yame no Kurisutaru Darkness Darkness The holy crystal of Darkness, sealed away in a hidden place. Hisohsiou TwinHarp TwinHarp A magical harp given to Cecil by Gilbart. Ruka no Bikazaki Luka Necklace A necklace with a shard of the holy crystal of darkness as a pendant. Has a mysterious power. Maguma no Ishi Magma Magma A piece of obsidian Kain was holding for Golbez. Tsuchi no Kurisutaru Earth Earth The holy crystal of earth. Stolen from it's shrine in Toroia by the Dark Elf. Sahaku no Hikari SandRuby SandRuby A gem found in the lair of the Antlion, also known as the light of the desert, the Sand Ruby is the only known cure for desert fever. Baron no Kagi Baron BaronKey A set of keys for the captain of the guard for the town of Baron. Bomu no Yubiwa Package BombRing The King's gift to the neighbors in Village Mist. Kaiin Sho Pass Pass Pass to the brothel in Toroia. Ecchi na Hon *Dummy* Smut Look for it in the programmers room. Extra Summons: Maindo Furea Mage Mage Rydia learns to summon a mage Kokatorisu *Dummy* Cocat Rydia learns to summon a Cocatrace Bomu Bomb Bomb Rydia learns to summon Bomb Goburin Imp Imp Rydia learns to summon Imp Kearu Cure Cure1 3 Level 1 HP Recovery Kearua Cure2 Cure2 9 Level 2 HP Recovery Kearuda Cure3 Cure3 18 Level 3 HP Recovery Kearuga Cure4 Cure4 40 Level 4 HP Recovery Esuna Heal Esuna 20 Recover all status ailments Seitoro Sight Sight 1 View larger area on map Reizu Life Life1 8 Revive from 'wound' with minimum HP Minimase Size Mini 6 Turn target to midget Terepo Exit Exit 10 Warp out of dungeons and battles Rebiteo Float Float 8 Float above the earth Areizu Life2 Life2 52 Revive from 'wound' with maximum HP Burinku Blink Blink 8 Avoid physical attacks Konfyu Charm Charm 10 Confuse the target Sheru *Dummy* Shell 10 Raise target's Mag Def Raibura Peep Scan 1 Find target status Rifureku Wall Wall 30 Make barrier to spells for 1 target Hourudo Hold Hold 5 Paralyze the target Baaseku Bersk Bersk 18 Target fights as a berserker Hourii White Holy 46 Target is purified by a holy light attack Seiresu Mute Mute 6 Target becomes unable to chant spells Purotesu *Dummy* Armor 9 Raise the target's defense rate Surou Slow Slow 14 Slow target's attack rate (Slow Speed) Disuperu *Dummy* Dspel 12 Removes status aids (Shell, Armor, etc...) Heisuto Haste Haste 25 Increase target's attack rate (Raise Speed) Faia Fire Fire1 5 Level 1 fire attack Faira Fire2 Fire2 15 Level 2 fire attack Faiga Fire3 Fire3 30 Level 3 fire attack Furea Nuke Flare 50 Non-elemental nuclear burst Burizado Ice 1 Ice1 5 Level 1 ice attack Burizara Ice 2 Ice2 15 Level 2 ice attack Burizaga Ice 3 Ice3 30 Level 3 ice attack Desu Fatal Death 35 If successful, target is killed Sandaa Lit 1 Bolt1 5 Level 1 thunder attack Sandara Lit 2 Bolt2 15 Level 2 thunder attack Sandaga Lit 3 Bolt3 30 Level 3 thunder attack Torunedo Weak Wind 25 Strong whirlwind attack Poizen Venom Venom 2 Poisons Enemy Bureiku Stone Stone 15 Petrify Enemy Baio Virus Bio 30 Level 3 earth attack Kueiku Quake Quake 30 Level 4 earth attack Meteo Meteo Meteo 99 Non-elemental meteor bombardment attack Asupiru Psych Psych 0 Drain MPs from target Dorein Drain Drain 18 Drain HPs from target Suripuru Sleep Sleep 12 Put target to sleep Stoppu Stop Stop 9 Stop the target Toodo Toad Toad 7 Change the target into a toad Pookii Piggy Piggy 1 Change the target into a pig Dejon Warp Warp 4 Warp to the previous floor in a dungeon / Imp Imp 1 Imp punches enemy Chokobo Chocb Chocb 7 Chocobo kicks enemy Bomu Bomb Bomb 18 Caster damages enemy by her current HP number and becomes wounded. (Suicide Attack) *Dummy* Cocat 40 Cocatrice uses stone beak against enemy Mage Mage 18 HP damage and paralysis Mist Mist 20 Mist dragon breath attack Sylph Sylph 25 Drain HP from enemy give to ally Ifrit Ifrit 30 Ifrit attacks with hell fire Shiva Shiva 30 Shiva attacks with Ice Storm Ramuh Ramuh 30 Ramuh attacks with lightning storm Titan Titan 40 Titan strikes the ground to anger the earth Odin Odin 45 If successful, Odin will slice apart all enemies Asura Asura 50 Asura casts random healing spells on allies Levia Levia 50 Leviathan attacks with a tsunami wave Baham Baham 60 Bahamut, God of the dragons, attacks with Mega-Fire attacks. Katon Flame Flame 15 Flame Technique Kageshibari Pin Pin 5 Pin Kemuridama Smoke Smoke 10 Retreat using a smoke bomb Bunshin Image Image 6 Evasive Technique (similar to Blink) Suiton Flood Flood 20 Water Techmique Raijin Blitz Blitz 25 Lightning Technique Buchi Meteo Comet Comet 20 Palom & Porom's twin spell of a weak meteo spell. Buchi Furea Flare Pyro 10 Palom & Porom's twin spell of a weak flare spell . W Meteo W.Meteo W.Meteo N/A Golbez & FuSoYa's Double Meteo Spell. stronger than regular Meteo. (In Japan they use a 'W' as a symbol for double, it is NOT "White Meteo" as has been rumored).