Rings and Gauntlets

Japanese FF - II Chronicles Defense  Mag. Def. Description


Kurisutaru Ringu Crystal CrysRing 20 12 Ring with a piece of holy crystal mounted on it. Protects against confuse, paralyze, & sleep.
Mamori no Yubiwa Protect Protect 10 12 Ring enchanted by a protection spirit. Reduces fire, ice, & bolt damage by 50%.
Diaya no Udewa Diamond GoldRing 6 8 Golden Ring with a diamond mount. Reduces bolt damage by 50%.
Gin no Udeawa Silver Silver 4 4 A silver ring.
Ruun no Udeawa Rune Rune 3 8 A ring inscribed with mystic runes. Raises magic defense.
Powaa Risuto Strength Strength 2 2 This wristband increases attack power a little.
Tetsu no Udewa Iron IronRing 2 2 A simple iron armlet, protects the wrist and hands.
Rubii no Yubiwa RubyRing RubyRing 0 3 This ring has a ruby mounted on it which helps deflect magic. Also protects against the Piggy spell
Noroi no Yubiwa Cursed Cursed 0 0 This ring was cursed by an ancient wizard. The curse aversely affects your status, but the ring absorbs bolt, fire, & ice attacks, making you impervious to them.


Kurisutaru no Ko Te Crystal Crystal 10 7 Gauntlets made from the same material as the holy crystals.
Kyojin no Ko Te Zeus Zeus 10 0 Gauntlets made of a strong, titanium-like  metal. Protects against mini status. Also increases attack power.
Doragon no Ko Te Dragoon Dragon 9 7 Gauntlets that reduce fire, ice, & bolt damage by 50%.
Genji no Ko Te Samurai Genji 8 3 Gauntlets of a legendary samurai.
Daiya no Ko Te Diamond Diamond 7 3 Gauntlets encrusted with diamonds, reduce bolt damage by 50%.
Misuriru no Ko Te Silver Mithril 6 2 Gauntlets made of mystic metal.
Gantoretto Paladin Paladin 5 1 A Holy Knight's Gauntlets.
Akuma no Ko Te Black  Demon 4 0 Gauntlets worn by a powerful shadow knight.
Hadesu no Ko Te Darkness Hades 3 0 Gauntlets of dark power.
Ankoku no Ko Te Shadow Shadow 2 0 A Dark Knight's gauntlets.
Tetsu no Ko Te Iron Iron 2 0 Standard knight's gauntlets.

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