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Japanese FF - II Chronicles Defense  Mag. Def. Description
Kuro Shouzoku Ninja Ninja 24 13 Highly protective ninja's robe.
Shiro no Roobu White White 18 10 Holy Mage's Robe, raises Mag.Def. &  protects against darkness status.
Sakaradasuki Power PwrVest 15 0 Vest with a spell of power protecting the wearer.
Hikari no Roobu Sorcerer Sorcerer 12 9 High Sage's robe. Reduces bolt damage by 50%.
Kuro Obi Dougi Bl.Belt BlkBelt 10 3 High Monk's Kimono, symbol of high level skills.  
Kuro no Roobu Black Black 8 7 Black Mage's Robe.
Saishi no Roobu Wizard Wizard 5 5 Wizard's Cloak, provides adequate protection against weapon and spell.
Daichi no Koromo Gaea GaiaGear 3 3 Clothing sewn from cloth enchanted by the earth crystal. Protect from Petrify.
Kenpougi Karate Kenpo 3 2 Monk's Robe.
Shiji(n) no Fuku Bard Bard 2 1 Robe of a traveling storyteller. Protects against silence.
Kawa no Fuku Leather Leather 2 1 Clothes made from tough animal skins.
Shouji no Fuku Prisoner Prisoner 1 1 Prisoner's Clothing. Ironically protects against magic better than normal peasant's clothes
Fuku Cloth Clothes 1 0 Typical cotton clothing worn by peasants and commoners.
Adaman Aamaa Adamant Adamant 100 20 Armour forged from the legendary adamantium metal, thought to be impervious. Improves all stats by +15.
Kurisutaru Meiru Crystal Crystal 25 10 Armor fashioned from the same material as the holy crystals. Protects against: darkness, mini, paralyze, poison, and toad.
Doragon Meiru Dragoon Dragon 23 8 This mail reduces fire, ice, and bolt damage by 50%.
Genji no Yori Samurai Genji 21 7 Armor worn by a legendary samurai.
Minuriba Besuche Heroine Minerva 20 5 Armor made for a goddess, protects against paralyze.
Diaya Aamaa Diamond Diamond 19 4 Armor encrusted with diamonds. Reduces bolt damage by 50%.
Aisu Aamaa Ice IceArmor 17 4 This armor reduces fire damage by 50%.
Fureimu Aamaa Fire Flame 13 4 This armor reduces ice damage by 50%.
Misuriru Aamaa Silver Mithril 13 4 Armor made of mystic metal.
Naito no Yoroi Paladin Paladin 11 3 A Holy Knight's Armor.
Demonzu Aamaa Black Demon 9 3 The armor of a powerful Shadow Knight.
Hadesu no Yoroi Darkness Hades 7 2 Armor of dark power.
Ankoku no Yoroi Shadow Shadow 5 1 A Dark Knight's Armor.
Aian Aamaa Iron Iron 4 1 A standard knight's armor.

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