Attack and "dark" effect spells.

Romaji FF - II Chronicles MP Description
Faia Fire Fire 1 5 Level 1 fire-elemental attack.
Faira Fire 2 Fire 2 15 Level 2 fire-elemental attack.
Faiga Fire 3 Fire 3 30 Level 3 fire-elemental attack.
Furea Nuke Flare 50 Non-elemental nuclear burst.
Burizado Ice 1 Ice 1 5 Level 1 ice-elemental attack.
Burizara Ice 2 Ice 2 15 Level 2 ice-elemental attack.
Burizaga Ice 3 Ice 3 30 Level 3 ice-elemental attack.
Desu Fatal Death 35 If successful this attack will instantly kill it's target.
Sandaa Lit 1 Bolt 1 5 Level 1 thunder-elemental attack.
Sandara Lit 2 Bolt 2 15 Level 2 thunder-elemental attack.
Sandaga Lit 3 Bolt 3 30 Level 3 thunder-elemental attack.
Torunedo Weak Wind 25 Whirlwind attack, if successful weakens a target to very low HP.
Poizen Venom Venom 2 Level 1 poison-elemental attack.
Bureiku Stone Stone 15 Level 2 earth-elemental attack, If successful it petrifies a target.
Baio Virus Bio 30 Level 3 poison-elemental attack.
Kueiku Quake Quake 30 Level 4 earth-elemental attack.
Meteo Meteo Meteo 99 Sealed magic. Non-elemental meteor attack. Cannot be reflected.
Asupiru Psych Psych 0 Absorb MP from a target.
Dorein Drain Drain 18 Absorb HP from a target.
Suripuru Sleep Sleep 12 Cloud a target's mind and cause them to pass out into a deep sleep.
Stoppu Stop Stop 9 Warp time around a target to stop them for a while.
Toodo Toad Toad 7 Change a target into a toad.
Pookii Piggy Piggy 1 Change a target into a pig.
Dejon Warp Warp 4 Warp between levels of a dungeon or building.

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