Romaji Name:

Ka-i-n = Ha-i-u-i-n-do
Official Name: Cain Highwind
Common English Name:  Kain
Class: Dragon Knight
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 183 cm = 6'-0"
Weight: 61 kg = 134 lbs
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Blonde
Dexterity: Left Handed
Origin: Baron City, Baron
Special Battle Skills: Jump

Biographical Information

Written from translations of the FF4 Setteishiryou-Hen and the FF4 PS1 Game Guide by Paladin.

Cain's Biography

The Captain of the Dragon Knights, a solitary master of the wind and sky, with a proud noble heart.

    Cain's tumultuous past begins when he was a child. At that time Cain's father, a leading noble in Baron and a personal friend of the King, was the captain of the Dragon Knights. During a mission, Cain's father was killed, though the incident was clouded by the rumor that it could have been an assassination (since Cain's Father was a key ally of the King). This was further compounded by the death of Cain's mother not long after. Having been orphaned at such a young age by these tragic events, his life changed forever. Fortunately having been the son of a close friend to the king, King Baron took young Cain into his personal care. It was at this time Cain met Cecil Harvey, and the two became friends. Cain also became very close to a noble girl named Rosa Farrell, whose father had served under his in the Dragon Knights and because of this her parents had been one of Cain's parent's close friends. Therefore Cecil, Rosa, and Cain all spent much time playing and going to school.
Upon graduating from primary schooling together, Cain and Cecil joined the Baron Military Academy at the request of the King, while Rosa went on to learn archery and join the White Magic Society. The three maintained their friendship although their professional careers differed. For Cain the path was clear; he would master the spear and learn to control the power of the wind by becoming a Dragon Knight. For Cain this following of his father's footsteps would make the spirit of his father proud and renew the honor of the noble Highwind name. In this task Cain excelled masterfully, as currently at the age of 21 he has the distinction of being the youngest and most talented captain of the Dragon Knights squadron in history. However his victory is somewhat bittersweet, in that the Dragon Knights are no longer the most prestigious force in the Baron army, having been supplanted by the new Red Wings Airship Brigade and the elite Dark Knights squadron.
    In personality Cain can be summed up by the term "complex". To begin with he has a bit of an inferiority complex having been forever haunted by the ghost of his father and the rumors surrounding his and his mother's death. In his undying devotion to his profession and his noble status he has become somewhat solitary and aloof, yet never haughty or arrogant. Cain is also very loyal to those he calls friends, and chief among them continue to be Cecil and Rosa. Again the word complex is very applicable in his relation with them too. Having lost his parents, Rosa's parents had helped enormously by telling him all about his family and his parents. This helped strengthen his feelings for Rosa, and the fact that they were both nobles helped seed the idea of a possible noble marriage between the two in Cain's mind. Cain also is close to Cecil, since both had lost their parents and had grown up together in the castle with the King as a mentor and father figure. However Cain became hopelessly conflicted as his best friend seemed to be unwittingly foiling his highest aspirations. Not only had Cecil and Rosa met through Cain but Rosa seemed to be quite romantically taken by Cecil, a somewhat troubling fact to Cain, as he had grown genuine feelings for Rosa. On top of this, Cecil had been appointed to command the Red Wings and lead the Dark Knights Squadron, which had replaced the Dragon Knights, taking the most prestigious position away from Cain and his chance to lead the Baron Military as his father had done. However, Cain's honor, loyalty, and nobility became his compass and a cover for his deepening depression and disillusionment.
    At the beginning of the game Cain comes to Cecil's defense only to share in his punishment by the King. This leads Cain to find himself questioning his loyalty to not only the king and his beloved country…but to his friend Cecil. Cain's internal conflict and his burgeoning jealousy of Cecil make him a perfect foil for Cecil in the story. However Cain is a very strong and courageous warrior who may be able to ultimately overcome his conflict or be utterly consumed by it…

History of the Dragon Knights of Baron

A powerful military unit of soldiers with the power to control the wind.

   Baron's Dragon Knights are an elite group of soldiers drawn from the nobility of Baron, in fact only nobles, the sons or relatives of nobles may join the Dragon Knights. These soldiers learn how to control the wind and use specialized armor to ride the air currents* to perform very special attacks using their weapon of choice, the spear. No other military unit in the world is as well trained in the use of pole arms as the Dragon Knights. Historically the Dragon Knights have been the leaders of Baron's military, as many militaries are lead by those with noble rank and title. However with the advance of technology, their prestigious role has been replaced by the Red Wings Airship Brigade and the Dark Knights of Baron. The highest rank in the Baron Military is held by a Dark Knight in command of the Red Wings. However formidable the Red Wings have become, the Dragon Knights are still a very influential and powerful unit in the Baron Military and their skills are invaluable to the defense of Baron.

* Editor's Note: The Setteishiryou-Hen points to the conceptual idea that the Dragon Knights were supposed to "Ride Dragons" into battle, very similar to the Dragon Riders of Moss in Record of Lodoss War. However that concept seems to have been lost in the adaptation of the conceptual story to the game. No Final Fantasy character would ride anything into battle until Terra shows up in Magitek Armour in Final Fantasy VI.

Information About Spears

Pole arms used only in the highly skilled hands of the proud Dragon Knights of Baron.

   Most warriors used to swordplay would find the weight and length of pole-arms to be quite awkward. However in the skilled hands of a Dragon Knight warrior they become a deadly weapon. While Dragon Knights are trained in the use of Swords, Battle Axes, and other melee weapons, they specialize in the use of the spear because it is the most efficient weapon to go along with their specialized fighting techniques. There are many different types of spears, such as javelins and halberds, however many of the weapons are imbued with magical power to produce various effects when used in battle.


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