Romaji Name:

Shi-do = Po-re-n-dii-na
Official Name: Cid Pollendina
Common English Name:  Cid
Class: Engineer
Gender: Male
Age: 54
Height: 159 cm = 5'-3"
Weight: 67 kg = 148 lbs
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Red
Dexterity: Right Handed
Origin: Baron City, Baron
Special Battle Skills: Peep

Biographical Information

Written from translations of the FF4 Setteishiryou-Hen and the FF4 PS1 Game Guide by Paladin.

Cid's Biography

The master airship engineer who loves the freedom of flight.

    Cid is the genius engineer behind the airships of Baron. Much of Cid's success must be attributed to ancient documents he managed to get a hold in Mysidia and decipher. These ancient documents were said to have been left by the people of Bab-il, the same people who originally founded Mysidia. No matter the origin of the idea, Cid was able to master the craft and create working airships, heralding a new age of technology on Terra. Most technologies in Baron are used (and exploited) for military use, the Airship was no exception. While Cid's purpose was to realize the freedom of flight, the Military council of Baron began plans to replace their sea-based naval power with air-based naval power. Cid reluctantly agreed to cooperate, only if he could be completely in charge of maintenance and construction of the fleet, to be called the "Red Wings".
    Cid lives in a large estate in Baron City. However his wife had passed away leaving him and his only daughter to live alone in their mansion. Cid is an amiable, yet somewhat boisterous middle-aged man. He spends much time working in his workshop at the castle. As children, Cecil, Cain, and Rosa often visited Cid in his workshop, and he came to be something of an "uncle" to the youngsters. To this day Cid still tends to look after them, and they enjoy spending time with him. Recently Cid was particularly pleased that Cecil was to become the commander of the Red Wings, it did his heart good to know that a man of honor and principle was overseeing their use. However Cid has become concerned over the King's most recent push for him to complete his newest airship design.
    In the beginning of the game we meet Cid only briefly, and he becomes even more troubled over the fact that Cecil has been stripped of his command of Cid's "babies", and that the King would order the Red Wings to "pillage" Mysidia. Cid will later join Cecil and become a valuable ally, especially for the care of his magnificent creations.

About Airship Engineers of Baron

Skilled craftsmen who care for the airship fleets of Baron.

   After the Baron Military instituted the Red Wings, it was obvious that someone would need to care for the machines. Cid was given charge of this unit. He developed and trained a skilled crew of craftsmen whom he could trust to work on and repair the airship fleet. Most of these craftsmen choose such hard work because of their love for their work.

The Use of Tools as Weapons

Should an engineer come under attack, his tools at hand can become effective weapons.

   To most people a hammer is used to pound nails or other things, however in the hands of Cid or another engineer it can become an effective weapon, especially against machines. An engineer such as Cid can easily and quickly determine the most effective manner in which to destroy or damage a machine with the simple use of the hammer. In the specific case of a highly skilled man such as Cid, he can even determine weak points of many foes and allies just from deductive reasoning and insightful observation.


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