Duplicate Item Trick
Multiply your quantities of certain types of Items!

    Unless one chooses to spend the appropriate amount of time leveling up or uses a cheat device, one may find accumulating money difficult. One way around this is to use a glitch in the battle item access system to multiply certain equip-able items in the game. These can then be sold for extra cash.


  Final Fantasy IV (SFC): Works, Tested in Emulator
  Final Fantasy IV EasyType (SFC): Assume Works, if FF-II Works.
  Final Fantasy II (SNES): Works, Tested on Console (Cartridge ROM version 1.1)
  Final Fantasy IV (PSx): Not Tested
  Final Fantasy IV (WSC): Not Tested


    This trick is well...tricky. First, you can only duplicate items that your party members can equip to their left or right hands, like weapons and shields. Second, you can only "create" one item per trick. The trick DOES NOT work on arrows.

     To start equip the equipment you want to duplicate on a character. For example, we'll duplicate paladin Cecil's Legend sword, so we have Cecil equipped with the Legend sword in his right hand. Now, go to fight a random battle, if you can go someplace easy, like the praire around Baron. Once the battle starts and it's Cecil's turn select the 'Item" battle command. Find A BLANK SPOT IN YOUR ITEM INVENTORY SCREEN AND SELECT IT. With the blank selected scroll up with the D-pad to the top of the item screen and then press up on the D-pad to access the equipment screen for Cecil's right and left hands. Select his right hand with the Legend sword to replace the sword with the blank. Exit out of the Item menu DO NOT RE-EQUIP THE CHARACTER.

     Finish the battle normally or just simply run to escape. Once out of battle open your menu screen and go to the Equip submenu for Cecil. Now you must RE-EQUIP THE CHARACTER WITH THE EQUIPMENT YOU REMOVED IN BATTLE TO THE SAME HAND, so in this case equip Cecil with his Legend sword back to his right hand. Now the quantity of swords in his hand should say '2' instead of '1'. Don't get too excited this doesn't mean he does twice the damage...it just means that there are two instances of Legend in that item slot. You can now un-equip the sword(s) and you will have two in inventory.  Wash, Rinse, Repeat for the desired effect ~_^


    As I said, this can be done repeatedly until you have more Legend swords than you can know what to do with them (especially since you can't trash or sell any of the Legend swords making it a bad example). However doing this on an expensive piece of equipment like a Poison Axe will make you rich quick when you sell 99 of them!

    An even more useful purpose is to duplicate weapons that Edge can use with his Toss command. Duplicate the Light sword or better yet the Excalibur sword and you'll have an arsenal of projectiles for Edge to use that are very deadly. Excalibur can extract 6000-9999 HP from an unfortunate target per hit when tossed. This can make bosses very easy...if that's how you want to play.

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