Helmets, Caps, etc...

Japanese FF - II Chronicles Defense  Mag. Def. Description
Garasu no Masuku Glass Glass 30 0 Crown made of quartz glass. Prevents ALL status effects 
Ribon Ribbon Ribbon 9 12 Hair Ribbon with holy power, prevents ALL status effects.
Kin no Kamekazari Tiara Tiara 7 10 This beautiful golden tiara raises magic defense to protect your heroines.
Shisai no Booshi Wizard Wizard 5 7 A wizard's cap. Raises Mag.Def.
Kuro Zukin Ninja Ninja 5 1 Ninja's Hood, protects against sleep spells. 
Jankaku Booshi Gaea Magus 3 5 Standard headgear for mages.
Guriin Beree Bandanna Bandanna 3 1 Fabul Fighter's Bandanna, raises attack power a little.
Hanetsuki Booshi Leather Feather 2 3 This pimpin' headpiece comes equipped with a magic absorbing feather.
Najiri Hasamaki Headband Headband 1 1 This cloth headband has the power to prevent confusion.
Kawa no Booshi Cap Leather 1 1 An adventurer's cap made of tough animal hide.
Kurisutaru Herumu Crystal Crystal 12 8 Helm made from the same material as the holy crystals. Reduces bolt, fire, & ice damage by 50%.
Doragon Herumu Dragoon Dragon 11 7 This helm reduces bolt, fire, & ice damage by 50%
Genji no Kabuto Samurai Genji 10 6 A legendary samurai's helmet.
Diaya no Kabuto Diamond Diamond 9 2 A helm encrusted with diamonds. Reduces bolt damage by 50%
Misuriru no Kabuto Silver Mithril 8 2 Helm made of mystic metal.
Hikari no Kabuto Paladin Paladin 7 2 A Holy Knight's Helmet.
Demonzu Herumu Black Demon 6 1 Helmet once worn by a powerful shadow knight.
Hadesu no Kabuto Darkness Hades 5 1 Helmet of dark power.
Ankoku no Kabuto Shadow Shadow 4 0 A Dark Knight's Helmet.
Aian Herumu Iron Iron 3 0 Standard knights helm.

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