Recovery, Attack, and Status Items

Japanese FF - II FF-Chronicles Cost
Gisaru no Yasui Carrot Gyshal 50  Summon the fat chocobo when it smells like chocobos
Gisaru no Fue Whistle Whistle 20000 Summon the Fat Chocobo anytime
Kobito no Ban *Dummy* EagleEye 100 View a larger portion of the world map.
Hijoo Guchi *Dummy* Exit N/A Escape from dungeon or battle.
Koteeji Cabin Cabin 500 Restore party HP & MP to MAX on map and save points.
Tento Tent Tent 100 Restore party's HP & MP on map and save points.
Sooma no Shizuka *Dummy* SomaDrop N/A Adds 10 MP to a character's current max.
Gin no Ringo *Dummy* Ag Apple N/A Adds 50 HP to a character's current max.
Kin no Ringo *Dummy* Au Apple N/A Adds 100 HP to a character's  current max.
Araamu *Dummy* Alert N/A Alert  a local monster to the party's presence...a fight ensues.
Bannouyaku Heal Remedy 5000 Recovers all status ailments except 'Wounded'
Juujika *Dummy* Cross 100 Recover from 'Curse' status.
Doku Keshi *Dummy* Antidote 40 Recover from 'Poison' status.
Megusuri *Dummy* Eyedrops 30 Recover from 'Darkness' status.
Yama Bikosoo *Dummy* EchoNote 50 Recover from 'Silence' status.
Daietto Fuudo *Dummy* DietFood 100 Recover from 'Piggy' status.
Uchide no Kozuchi *Dummy* Mallet 80 Recover from 'Mini' status.
Otome no Kissu *Dummy* MaidKiss 60 Recover from 'Frog' status.
Kin no Hari *Dummy* Soft 400 Recover from 'Stone' status.
Fenikkusu no O Life Life 100 Recover from 'Wounded' status.
Erikusaa Elixir Elixir 100000 Restore ALL HP and MP.
Eeteru Dorai Ether2 Ether2 50000 Restores MP (High).
Eeteru Ether Ether1 10000 Restores MP (Low).
Ekusu Pooshan Cure3 X-Potion N/A Restores HP (High).
Hai Pooshan Cure2 HiPotion 150 Restores HP (Med).
Pooshan Cure Potion 30 Restores HP (Low).
Yunikoon no Tsuno *Dummy* Unihorn N/A Heal battle conditions on all allies that would disappear after battle (like confuse, etc...)
Mezamashi- dokei *Dummy* Alarm N/A Wake up all sleeping allies (Battle).
Kaijuu Za Kan *Dummy* Bestiary N/A Look up and find weaknesses of the enemy you are fighting in this book. Works even when scan magic fails.
Oogi no Sho *Dummy* Grimoire N/A Book of Summons that Summons a random monster.
Kuaaru no Hige *Dummy* Coffin  N/A Death comes to an enemy. (=Death)
Daichi no Doramu *Dummy* GaiaDrum N/A Causes an earthquake in battle. (=Quake)
Seijaku no Kane *Dummy* MuteBell N/A Silences all targets.
Tsuki no Kaatan *Dummy* MoonVeil N/A Reflects magic spells. Lasts longer than StarVeil or the Wall spell.
Bomu no Tamashii *Dummy* Kamikaze N/A Sacrifice life & current HP to attack enemy by that amount.
Hikari no Kaatan *Dummy* StarVeil N/A Reflects magic spells, lasts longer than the Wall spell.
Aoi Kiba Lit-Bolt LitStorm N/A Strong thunder attack to all targets.
Shiroi Kiba *Dummy* Blizzard N/A Strong ice attack to all targets.
Akai Kiba FireBomb Inferno N/A Strong fire attack to all targets.
Sukeepu Dooru *Dummy* Illusion N/A User is seen as multiple targets. (Casts Blink 1 Ally)
Kumo no Ito *Dummy* Silk Web N/A Slows down all targets. (Casts Slow All Enemy)
Kin no Sunadokei *Dummy* HrGlass3 N/A Stops time for all targets for a long time.
Gin no Sunadokei *Dummy* HrGlass2 N/A Stops time for all targets
Doo no Sunadokei *Dummy* HrGlass1 N/A Stops time for all targets for a short while.
Erumesu no Kutsu *Dummy* Hermes N/A Wear the shoes of Hermes. User becomes more agile. (=Haste)
Bakkasu no Sake *Dummy* Bacchus N/A The Drinker of Bacchus' Wine goes berserk. (=Bersk)
Banpaia no Kiba *Dummy* Vampire N/A Drain enemy HP. (=Drain)
Ririsu no Kuchidzuke *Dummy* Succubus N/A Drain enemy MP.
Hoshi no Suna *Dummy* Stardust N/A Little Meteo attack. (=Comet)
Kamigami no Ikari *Dummy* ZeusRage N/A Strong thunder attack to all targets
Zeusu no Ikari *Dummy* ThorRage N/A Tunder attack to all targets.
Hokkyoku no Kami *Dummy* Boreas N/A Strong ice attack to all targets.
Nankyoku no Kami *Dummy* Notus N/A Ice attack to all targets.
Bomu no Migiude *Dummy* Big Bomb N/A Strong Fire attack to all targets.
Bomu no Kakera *Dummy* Bomb N/A Fire attack to one target

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