Romaji Name:

Ro-za = Fa-re-ru
Official Name: Rosa Farrell
Common English Name:  Rosa
Class: White Mage (Holy Priestess)
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 162 cm = 5'-3"
Weight: 47 kg = 104 lbs
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Golden Blonde
Dexterity: Right Handed
Origin: Baron City, Baron
Special Battle Skills: White, Aim, Pray.

Biographical Information

Written from translations of the FF4 Setteishiryou-Hen and the FF4 PS1 Game Guide by Paladin.

Rosa's Biography

A good natured, passionate young woman with prodigal skills in white magic and archery.

    Rosa is a beautiful, 19-year-old girl born of a noble family in Baron. Her father is a highly respected dragon knight; he and her mother maintain a large household in the city of Baron. Rosa began learning the skill of archery at a young age, as archery is a common military discipline for young noble women in Baron. As a young girl, Rosa met a boy named Cain, since both had fathers in the dragon knight's squadron. Cain and Rosa soon became friends because of this. Rosa also met one of Cain's close friends, Cecil Harvey, who lived in the castle along with Cain. While they all grew up together, Rosa grew very close to Cecil who became a knight in training at the military academy. During this time the Society of White Magic was established in Baron for the support of the land and air troops. Rosa found this to be fortuitous for she knew after Cecil had graduated from the Military Academy he would soon be assigned to duty with the army. Rosa realized by now that she had fallen in love with Cecil so, in order to be with him she would needed to find a way to be involved in military operations. Though she was skilled with the bow, noble girls learned the skill to be able to defend the realm, not fight on the front lines. Thus in Rosa's mind, if she became a white mage she could be with Cecil, because white mages participate in battles to help fallen soldiers. Therefore, even in battle she would be able  to protect Cecil, but more importantly be near him. After joining the society she found she had the innate talents of a cleric and soon became a prodigy within the society and even began teaching others.
    Rosa's relationship with Cecil soon became a problem because of her status. It was quite obvious that she was positioning herself to be as near to Cecil as possible, making clear her feelings. This was unacceptable for as a daughter of a noble family, Rosa's well as the socialites in the courts of Baron...looked down upon her infatuation with Cecil since he was not a noble, and furthermore seen as a bastard child of a commoner not fit to be the squire of the King. This was because, at this time most marriages were arranged between families, and nobles almost exclusively made unions with other noble families...if not from the same country then from others such as Damcyan or Troia.  Further complicating the situation was that Cecil had recently become a dark knight, though this made him highly respected for his military skills, but also feared precisely for those skills. Dark Knights must master the same dark Mana that black mages learn to control, only an even darker form of the power that even master sorcerers from Mysidia fear.
    Despite these complications, Rosa's feelings would not be denied...even if it meant disobeying her parents. Probably the most prevalent reason for this was that, by wielding the power of dark Mana through his body, Cecil is beginning to taint his soul with the power of darkness, which could rob him of his compassion for the lives of others. It seems Rosa could sense the conflict within Cecil, and her skills with white magic - and her love - have helped Cecil cope with this deepening pain. This mutual need and want for each other has immensely strengthened the bond between them.
    Overall, Rosa can be defined as a very strong willed and compassionate human being. This is further exemplified by the fact that she defies her parent's wishes and continues to see Cecil in secret (which has led to some unfortunate tawdry rumors to be spread as well). Nevertheless Rosa's feelings for Cecil are so strong that she follows after him when it is learned that he has gone missing after the mission to Mist Cave. She follows him into peril and danger just to be near him. Her love for Cecil means that she becomes a very strong companion when she joins Cecil's mission and will be there for him and and all her friends in times of need.

About White Mages of Baron

Magic users, skilled in the holy arts of healing and protection.

    The primary purpose of a White Mages (or Clerics in general) is to heal those afflicted with illness or wounded in battle - to purify souls. Thus the advantages of having White Mages in a military nation such as Baron were self-evident. Upon the completion of the “Devil Road” (thus named from the effect of the stamina it drains from those who use it) between Baron and the mystic nation of Mysidia, people skilled in using and training others at White and Black magic became available. Originally the Baron military looked down on the employment of Black Mages...or any magic users for that matter, since physical fighting skills were highly prized and respected among the military elite. However, both Black and White mages have been incorporated into the Baron military organization. Though their role is limited, White Mages serve as a kind of "rescue crew" for soldiers in battle, and Black Mages help to bolster the troops in large campaign strategies.

Information About Archery in Baron

Bows are a common, light-weight weapon, with a demanding level of skill and accuracy.

   Archery is a common military profession of men, and notably of young noble women in Baron. The bow and arrows are important because they are the only weapon that can be handled and used to hit targets at a long range. The effectiveness of the weapon is limited in the hands of a novice, however trained archers can aim and hit targets accurately at long range. Especially important is the bow the archer chooses and the arrows he or she shoots. There are many different types of arrows, each crafted to create a specific effect when they hit a target.


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