The Various Abilites of the Main Playable Characters

  • Fight
    Not so much a skill as an option, everyone can choose to fight or not, however the valiant characters who will help Cecil in his quest have chosen to fight regardless of their physical strength. Thus choosing means that the character will attack with whatever weapon they are equipped with, or their bare hands if necessary. While fighting is often a good choice for physical fighters, you may find other skills appropriate for your weaker members.

  • Black Magic
    Mages learned in the arts of Black Magic will chant their spells if you ask them to. However the mage must train their mind and body to learn new spells.

  • White
    Mages learned in the arts of White Magic will chant their spells if you ask them to. However the mage must train their mind and body to learn new spells.

  • Dark Wave
    This skill is one which is mastered by dark knights. It involves the focusing of ones own life force through the blade of a dark sword. Doing so allows a dark knight to unleash waves of dark energy upon his foes. However the cost of performing this technique is a drain on the dark knight's life force. Cecil, a skilled dark knight, can perform this dark art.

  • Jump
    Dragon knights learn this skill. It is a combination aerial and spear attack where the dragon knight leaps high in the air and comes down upon his enemy. While using this technique deals more damage than simply attacking with the spear, it takes at least two turns to complete. Although while in the air the dragon knight cannot be harmed. Cain, the leader of the Dragon Knights is capable of this technique.

  • Summon (Call)
    This is a skill known only by the reclusive people of Mist Village. The skill involves impressing mysterious entities known as phantom beasts. Once a phantom beast agrees to help a summoner, they are able to be called forth from their mystical "Illusionary World" to the summoner's aid. Phantom beasts wield powerful magic and can be invaluable allies. The young girl Rydia from Mist Village is able to perform summonings. The more phantom beasts you can convince to aid Rydia throughout your quest, all the better your chances at success will be.

  • Remember (Recall)
    Less a skill than an oddity particular only to the character Tellah. He has forgotten the chants for many of his more potent spells over the years, however sometimes he can remember them if you ask him to try. Although sometimes he'll get the chants wrong and nothing will happen, sometimes he may surprise you with a powerful spell.

  • Sing
    Singing is generally the province of bards who roam the land, and is usually simply a skill of entertainment. However there are some who can sing mystical rhymes which can enchant those who hear them, even beasts may be enchanted. The most famous practitioners of this type of song are the Gilbarts of Damcyan, the royal family of that kingdom.

  • Medicine
    To most people the potions found in general stores throughout the land are simply drunk for their beneficial effects. However there are those skilled in the art of alchemy that are able to increase the potency of these potions and use them to effect many more than just one person. A person with this skill is able to use the potions your group carries in battle on everybody if you ask. Notably Gilbart of Damcyan has this skill.

  • Hide / Show
    Some of your companions may not be as skilled in the arts of battle as others. Therefore they may choose to refrain from the battle. Sometimes you may ask them to do so simply to help them stay alive, other times they may leave on their own when their health becomes  extremely low. If you've asked them to hide, you may ask them again to show if you would like them to return to the battle, however if such a person is very weak and had hid on their own they may instantly hide again after you've asked them to show.

  • Aim
    For many the bow and arrows is an easy weapon to wield but hard to aim and fire accurately.  It takes a trained archer to fight most effectively with a bow and arrows. Notably women of Baron train and practice the art of archery. Trained archers can aim and fire a bow and arrows with remarkable skill. Rosa of Baron is a trained archer. If you equip her with bow and arrows it will be best if you ask her to aim first before she attacks. Aiming does not waste a turn and increases accuracy with the bow and arrows.

  • Pray
    Those who are devout to the gods may pray for their divine providence and power in battle. It is a general trait of white mages to be devout to the gods, and often they may pray to them. However the stronger the person's faith is, the more likely they can actually perform magic while praying, which is believed to be the power of the gods wielded through the devout. Often the prayer is "answered" with a healing spell to the faithful and those for which they prayed. Sometimes however, the prayer isn't answered and nothing happens.
  • Build-Up (Charge) (Concentrate)
    This skill is one learned by the monks of Fabul. It involves the monk focusing his mind and body for one turn in battle and upon his second turn unleashing a far more powerful attack than he might regularly be capable of. If you equip a monk in your party with a powerful set of claws, especially those imbued with an element, you may find that this skill is particularly useful. When attacking a creature weak to the power of the claws, ask the monk to build up his attack and the damage to the creature may surprise you.

  • Kick
    Another skill exclusive to Fabul monks is the whirlwind kick. This skill involves the monk lashing out at every enemy in his path, delivering roundhouse kicks. Though not extremely powerful, lesser enemies may be overwhelmed by it.

  • Endure (Guard)
    Yet another skill of the Monks of Fabul is this skill. This skill is a technique whereby the monk is able to focus his mind and body and increase his ability to withstand physical attacks. When done properly the monk's will is so powerful that this skill may be a strong as a White Mage's "Protect" spell. If your monk's health is low use this skill while he waits to be healed.

  • Strengthen (Boast)
    Though young, Palom is somewhat overconfident in his abilities as a black mage and as a fighter, both of which he likes to boast to anyone of. However it may be helpful to use his this to your advantage. If Palom seems too weak when fighting, have him boast his abilities and this may increase his self-confidence and strength in battle.

  • Fake Tears (Cry)
    Porom is a strong, composed young lady, but she is still very young. Even the most savage beasts have young they care for. If you ask Porom to put on a show, she will produce a seemingly fear-induced tantrum which may throw your enemies off their guard. This may give you a chance to strike and defeat your opponents easily.

  • Twin Magic
    This is a special magic casting skill mastered by the twins Palom and Porom. Twin casting involves two mages casting a spell together, to produce more powerful magic than one alone. Palom and Porom being novices are able to summon forth only slightly weaker forms of two of the most powerful black magic spells at random, though they are more powerful than many of Palom's basic black magic spells. This includes "Nuke" or "Little Flare" which is a weak form of "Flare", and "Comet" or "Little Meteor" which is a weak form of Meteor. However stronger, more accomplished mages using this twin casting technique may be able to produce even more powerful versions of already powerful spells. The stronger you allow Palom and Porom to become, the more powerful their twin spells may become. Of course if either of the twins falls in battle, one alone cannot chant twin magic.

  • Cover / Off
    Knights, being valiant warriors and defenders of their realm are often renown for their bravery and selflessness. In battle a just knight may defend a weaker ally, especially one that is very near exhaustion. Cecil, being a valiant knight*, can be asked to specifically "cover" an ally from physical attack. He will do this until his health is depleted unless asked to stop (off).

    * In some versions of Final Fantasy IV Cecil automatically covers weakened allies (those "doubled over" with distress), notably in the WonderSwan Color version he does this as a dark knight, although he does not have the Cover command until becoming a paladin.

  • Peep (Scan)
    Some people are skilled at visually identifying and analyzing all types of things, especially Engineers who train and specialize in this kind of work. Those with this skill can be asked to analyze an enemy when confronted, and the skilled person can report their findings to the party to enable a much better strategy for success. Notably Cid, the Airship Engineer, possesses this skill.

  • Toss
    While for most a weapon is something to be wielded and used, some possess the ability to throw weapons for more effective damage. There are also weapons created specifically for throwing, these are often star-shaped metal weapons which tear the flesh and embed themselves into the body of an unfortunate foe. The ability to throw weapons of this nature is often a skill learned by ninjas of Eblana. Edge, the prince of Eblana possesses this skill.

  • Sneak
    Thievery is generally a disdainful occupation, however in terms of the belligerent monsters that overrun the land and destroy the lives and habitations of peaceful humans and other creatures, theft is not seen as a vice. To steal from these beasts one must be cautious and careful not to be noticed or the theft will fail. Sneaking, as it is known, is a skill mastered by thieves and ninjas.

  • Ninjitsu (Ninja Magic)
    Nearly 300 years ago the Geraldine tribe in what is now Eblana discovered the arts of Ninjitsu, a strange form of magic. Ninjitsu is composed of magical techniques used for attacks as well as for defense. Since Ninjitsu was developed by the Geraldine tribe, only members of that tribe are taught the skill as it is kept a secret. Edge, who's name is actually Edward Geraldine, is a member of that tribe and he is capable of learning Ninjitsu techniques.

  • Spirit Wave
    A strange form of white magic, spirit wave or "holy light" is a spell that is continuously chanted by a powerful master of magics. This spell gradually recovers small amounts of health to all members of your attack party during battle, except for the caster. This skill is not known to mages of the Blue Planet. FuSoYa of the Red Moon is able to perform this spell.

  • Use Items
    This is not a skill, but more of a mundane action. Any member of your group may use the items you all carry during battle. All they need to is reach into the item sack to find what they need.