Special Dialogue Areas
How to read some of the more obscure and interesting dialogue in the game.

    As with many RPG games, Square-Enix games especially, there are parts of the game where if you are in the right place at the right time you might experience something special or acquire a special item. Final Fantasy IV is no different. While some of these experiences are lackluster or completely missing in Final Fantasy II SNES, this information pertains to all versions of Final Fantasy IV.

#1) Cain Speaks about his father.

    After Cecil and Cain are thrown out of King Baron's court in the beginning of the game, and you gain full control of Cecil for the first time. Walk directly to your right to find Cain and a number of soldiers sitting at a table. Go and talk to Cain, he will talk about his past and his father, then apologize for rambling on about it. (This dialogue is completely missing from FF-II SNES).

#2) The imprisoned mages of Mysidia.

    While roaming Baron castle for the first time before the mission to mist village, you can find a dungeon in the lower left quadrant of the castle where inside are imprisoned some of the mages Cecil captured in his raid on Mysidia earlier that morning. If you walk up to the bars and use the action button when a mage is close they will tell you more about the water crystal.

#3) The Red Wings soldiers.

    While roaming Baron castle for the first time before the mission to mist village, you can find a barracks in the middle of the castle above the throne room where many of the soldiers serving aboard the Red Wings are bunked. If you talk to them you'll find they feel as Cecil does about the Mysidian raid and are disheartened by this type of task.

#4) The brothel in Troia.

    Final Fantasy IV is (in)famous for it's various "risqué" allusions, many of them are found in the brothel located in Troia. If you acquire the pass (info located here) for the brothel you can enter the brothel and enjoy some of the most odd dialogue ever in an RPG.

#5) The women in Troia Castle.

    Somehow the developers at Square thought that it was quite funny to make Cecil out to be something of a letch and chauvinist while he was walking around in Troia, probably because Rosa wasn't there to keep an eye on him hanging out in an all-male party with Cid, Yang, and Tella in a nation dominated by women with brothels all over the place. Anyway, if you talk to various women around the castle they respond as if Cecil asked them a chauvinistic question about their "purpose" in the castle...some of them even try to answer the age old anime question, can women fight in those skimpy outfits effectively? (Asking Miss Lemnear of anime/manga fame would be a better source). Whatever...have fun with it.

#6) Tella really is my father-in-law...

    After you return to Troia Castle with the Earth Crystal, go back to the nursing ward where Gilbart/Edward is being treated. When you do there is something of a cut scene (well it was in it's day) where the characters all come out of Cecil's pocket...I mean appear on the screen and go over to Gilbart and talk to him. You get to see a bit of a "tender" moment between Tella and Gilbart. To see this you must go and do it before finishing the mission in the Tower of Zot.


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