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Japanese FF - II Chronicles Description
Trash Can Trash Cam Trash Can Use to discard unwanted item inventory.
-Sort- -Sort- -Sort- Use to sort item inventory.
Shinario 0016 *Dummy* ??? Non-Player useable item.
Shinario 0015 *Dummy* ??? Non-Player useable item.
Daaku Mataa *Dummy* DkMatter Steal it from Zeromus, having it in inventory reduces the damage rate of his "Big Bang" attack.
Kurisutaru Crystal Crystal Holy Crystal of Light, Cecil receives it from Golbez. Among other things it can reveal the true light in a person's heart.
Pinku no Shihho Pink PinkTail Tail of a Pink Puff, rare collectors item.
Ai no Furai Pan Pan Pan Yang's wife's frying pan of love.
Rugeie no Kagi Tower TowerKey Unlocks doors in the tower of Bab-il.
Adamanta Ito Adamant Adamant A rare and legendary ore. Rumored to be impervious to weapons and magic.
Nusumu no Shihho Rat Rat Tail Tail of a rat, rare collectors item.
Yame no Kurisutaru Darkness Darkness The holy crystal of Darkness, sealed away in a hidden place.
Hisohsiou TwinHarp TwinHarp A magical harp given to Cecil by Gilbart.
Ruka no Bikazaki Luka Necklace A necklace with a shard of the holy crystal of darkness as a pendant. Has a mysterious power.
Maguma no Ishi Magma Magma A piece of obsidian Kain was holding for Golbez.
Tsuchi no Kurisutaru Earth Earth The holy crystal of earth. Stolen from it's shrine in Toroia by the Dark Elf. 
Sahaku no Hikari SandRuby SandRuby A gem found in the lair of the Antlion, also known as the light of the desert, the Sand Ruby is the only known cure for desert fever.
Baron no Kagi Baron BaronKey A set of keys for the captain of the guard for the town of Baron. 
Bomu no Yubiwa Package BombRing The King's gift to the neighbors in  Village Mist.
Kaiin Sho Pass Pass Pass to the brothel in Toroia.
Ecchi na Hon *Dummy* Smut Look for it in the programmers room.

Extra Summons:

Maindo Furea Mage Mage Rydia learns to summon a mage
Kokatorisu *Dummy* Cocat Rydia learns to summon a Cocatrace
Bomu Bomb Bomb Rydia learns to summon Bomb
Goburin Imp Imp Rydia learns to summon Imp

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