Curative and "light" effect spells.

Romaji FF - II Chronicles MP Description
Kearu Cure Cure 1 3 Low HP recovery.
Kearua Cure 2 Cure 2 9 Medium HP recovery.
Kearuda Cure 3 Cure 3 18 High HP recovery.
Kearuga Cure 4 Cure 4 40 Complete HP recovery.
Esuna Heal Esuna 20 Recover from all status ailments
Seitoro Sight Sight 1 Call forth sight beyond sight so that one may view a larger portion of the map.
Reizu Life Life 1 8 Raise from wounded status.
Minimase Size Mini 6 Change target into a midget.
Terepo Exit Exit 10 Teleport out of dungeons & battle.
Rebiteo Float Float 8 Levitate above the ground, avoid earth-elemental attacks.
Areizu Life 2 Life 2 52 Arise from wounded status with maximum HP.
Burinku Blink Blink 8 Create multiple images of a target to avoid physical attacks.
Konfyu Charm Charm 10 Disrupts a target's mind to cause them to become confused.
Sheru *Dummy* Shell 10 Create a magical  field around a target to shield them from magic.
Raibura Peep Scan 1 Consult the monster library about the status of a target.
Rifureku Wall Wall 30 Create a magical shield to reflect spells. Doesn't reflect all magics.
Hourudo Hold Hold 5 Paralyzes a target.
Baaseku Bersk Bersk 18 Enrage a target such that they go berserk in battle.
Hourii White Holy 46 Purify a target with holy light.
Seiresu Mute Mute 6 Silence a target from chanting spells.
Purotesu *Dummy* Armor 9 Create a defense field around a target to protect them from physical harm.
Surou Slow Slow 14 Decrease a target's reaction time (speed)
Disuperu *Dummy* Dspel 12 Dispels magical defenses, like Shell or Armor, etc...
Heisuto Haste Haste 25 Increase a target's reaction time (speed)

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